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Cynthia Brody, LMFT  
Lexington MA
Doing it ALL-Changing Roles in a Woman's Life

There was a time when women had few choices.  Today we live in a world where women are free to decide if they would like to have families, develop careers, marry, not marry, or any combination of the aforementioned.  

Having lots of choices can also cause anxiety.  Following your true spirit may lead in several directions at once.  Living out an authentic life will still involve creating some balance so that you don't always feel as though you should be where you're not.  At work when your kids need you, spending fun family time when there is so much work to be done.  Being there for aging parents when your kids need attention.  Doing for everyone and feeling bad about not getting exercise or seeing friends.

Women often find themselves in the position of care taking others and sometimes forget to take better care of themselves.  Having someone with whom to talk about these important yet often conflicting roles can help plan for better balance and determine if change is necessary.  Asking for what you need often seems scary but just as often leads to a more doable day to day life.
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 Cynthia  Brody
Changing Roles-Doing it All